Do you buy without seeing the product first? Or do you like to window shop? I like to know a little about what I’m buying because I’m fussy like that. I’m not alone in choosing to spend time window shopping online : 90% of people on Instagram follow at least one business.

According to Instagram for business there are more than 130 million products bought online every month, that is directly via Instagram. When you think about it, that enormous figure does not include the people who saw a product, liked it and are considering buying when they can. It does not include the folk who saw your product or service and then went to look at your website or the many, many people who saw your product and may go back for a look another day.

Let’s go back to why your business needs to be on Instagram : it has 500 million + users every day. They can buy directly from your page and learn why your product or service is unique, sounds good, right?

If you find yourself looking at your newly created Instagram page and wonder where to begin ; I have some content shares which will help you get started on your own social page.

Step 1 – Share your logo

If you’re a brand new business chances are you feel good about all your hard work & ready to launch on Social ; so let’s see your logo as a post. It’s very easy and helps people to recognise your brand. Fantastic, you’ve made a great start on your grid, remember to share as a story too.

Step 2 – Now it’s time to get brave; you need to show your face.

Don’t overthink it, find a photo of your smile and share it. People buy from people, we want to see that there is a real person behind the brand. If you really can’t face the camera- wear sunglasses & smile.

Next – Share an idea or tell followers about your service.

For instance, if you sell houseplants you could share a photo of a collection and tell people why they look good together. Your next set of posts after that could be individual plants and care tips. It’s good to keep to simple, clear ideas on Instagram so that people know what it is you sell.

As a final point, or post – Share your best review

Just pick the best line and post it as a speech bubble on your page. Canva is an excellent and accessible tool to find templates like speech bubbles for you to use on your page.

I hope you found this useful. If you follow this guide you’ll feel more certain about finding content for your page. If you’d like a Power hour with me to discuss more ways to take control of your social, please just drop me a line.