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If you’d rather hide under the floorboards than post on Linkedin, or you’re brimming with creative ideas but only post about your pooch, then you’re missing out on the job opportunities and connections good social media can bring.

I’ll show you how to make your words work for you, creating more impact with less blather.

Squiggle Social:

Here to make you bolder, funnier and more expressive

Social media is a powerful tool for sharing your work, reaching an audience, and selling your services. And it needn’t be daunting.

Get the most out of SOCIAL

If you’re a creative, Content Marketing is perfect for you. You already have a mind full of ideas. But maybe you need someone to give you the structure and the strategy to get those ideas to fly.

Get some awesome CONTENT

What if your copy makes you cringe? Or you don’t have the time to create content. Or you’d love to but you really want to learn Canva first. I can coach, guide or take it all off your plate.

I work with

…clients who run ethical businesses. They sell unique products and are individuals driven to inspire others. They need content that’s bold, something people will stop scrolling to look at.

…creative businesses who want to effectively structure how they share content, ensuring that their time and hard work are not wasted. .

…clients who just need content/copy made so they can concentrate on something else.


Got questions? Ask away.

This is me

Andrea Constable

Bookworm, teacher, organised creative, everyday cyclist (more biking to the bakery than long distance wearing lycra), AuAdhd. Loves all things Gothic, more at home in a gloomy, candle lit library than a crowded space.

What clients say

“Andrea’s professional advice was invaluable in helping me to improve the social media aspect of my business. She was friendly, knowledgeable and gave useful guidance via regular phone calls and Zoom meetings. I definitely recommend her services.“

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"I can highly recommend Squiggle and Andrea in particular. I found Andrea to be highly intelligent, creative, thoughtful and diligent. Her efforts have transformed our business and we’re hoping for a very long term partnership with Squiggle."

Allan Fowlie : Founder & Owner of Power to the Pedal

“I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough. She helped me with two campaigns on Twitter (X) about environmental issues.

She knows how to craft tweets in a way that gets people interested rather than putting them off. She’s creative and methodical and she knows how to get the right audience on board.“

Sonia Rosenblatt : SEO expert & blogger


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