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Celebrating Divergent Thinking

Dec 20, 2023

This is me: I’m differently organised, impulsive, can’t follow instructions and enter most rooms by falling through the door.

Does any of that resonate with you? Then perhaps you’re neurodivergent too or care for a child who fits that bill. As someone with AuAdhd, I write from the perspective of having experienced the strengths and challenges that come along, just for the sheer hell of it.

Being a parent or carer to a Neurodivergent child is a unique experience: I’ve been that parent doing the walk of shame across the playground, searching a bookbag for a non existent party invite- ouch! I can still feel the weight of the tuts and glares.

I’ve navigated the labyrinthine EHCP application system and I’ve sat opposite adults repeatedly calling me Mum when I don’t think I gave birth to them. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention?

What no one tells you, is how wonderful it is to be an ND parent or carer to a ND child.

Don’t like Halloween discos? Good, let’s not go.

Want fishfingers for tea everyday? Great we all know where we are with that.

I write about the things I wish I’d known years ago, tools and tips that would have made my life much easier. Getting the correct diagnosis and treatment has been life changing for me and I’m happy to write about what those changes are.

If do anything by blogging about neurodiversity, teaching or alternative education for young people with Autism and adhd, I’d like to help reduce the stigma around ND. It’s never a label, labels go on jam jars, it’s a diagnosis.

I’ve been lucky enough to have met some incredible support workers and resources in Cambridge. Aspire at Romsey Mill is a fantastic charity that runs youth clubs for Autistic Teens. I’d love to see something similar for Adhd young people too.

If you’re wondering if you or your child is Neurodivergent, a good place to start is by assuming that they probably are. Read around the subject and visit Adhd websites to find out what kind of simple adjustments you can make to make life easier. Take notice of sensory seeking or avoidant behaviour, I have a weighted Hoola Hoop by my desk : I know I can’t sit still so I Hoola Hoop when I’ve reached the limits of my focus. Simple adjustments that help me work.

Where do you start if you need a helping guide as a parent / carer or individual with ND? Book a 15 min call with me at Neuroguide.cam, I’m an empathetic listening ear and a signpost towards services or clinicians or counsellors who CAN help you. I don’t do therapy or legal advice or coaching, but I know all the people in Cambridge who do exactly that. Book a call, let’s get you sorted with someone who can help.

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