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Power to the Pedal – Ethical and sustainable marketing campaign

Cargo bikes are a growing market in the UK and offer an ethical and sustainable form of transport.

Winther Cargo Bikes are designed to last. Families buy them instead of a car. They help you save time and car parking fees. Plus they reduce air pollution – because they are powered by people, not dead dinosaur juice.

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Marketing an ethical product or service has unique challenges. You need to convince people to change their ways: to leave the car at home on a cold winter’s morning and choose the bike instead. Getting people to try a new idea, one that will benefit their health and affect the long term health of children, takes more than just a pretty picture.

For Winther Cargo Bikes, I put together a social media campaign of pictures that weren’t just pretty, but that focussed on the positive benefits of cycling. We included tips for being out on a bike in heavy traffic. We showcased different product types. And we reinforced trust by highlighting how experienced the company was. Oh, and we built a community, taking Power to the Pedal’s Instagram following from handfuls to over 500 over the course of a few months.

I can help you write copy to change minds, nudge behaviours and showcase your product. If you are a sustainable business, charity or ethical service, book a free call to talk about bold content creation that resonates.

Yoga and Wellbeing

If you regularly hot steam your Downward Dog, you may use social media to connect with your favourite practitioners. It’s a great way to find people who can help with sleep issues, teach meditation or address physical concerns like functional movement or menopause.

That means it’s a great platform for wellbeing practitioners, therapists and yoga teachers.

There are as many different styles and vibes in the wellbeing sector as raindrops in a river:

Visual content for Yoga tends to have a chilled out aesthetic, with muted, earthy colours. But if you want to stand out, you can vibrant and modern, like the central image in this grid. Copy for well-being practitioners needs to be sensitive, aligned with the teacher’s values and respectful of the conditions clients may be dealing with.


If you are a yoga or wellbeing practitioner who would like to find out how to make your content expressive, why not book a free 15 minute call with me.

Bespoke graphics help you stand out

Illustration and cartooning is my absolute favourite kind of content and copy to create. It really makes my heart sing turning words into pictures, conveying ideas quickly in the way that a metaphor does in a story.

When images are immediately recognisable, they are scroll-stopping content on social media. They tell people about your service at a moment’s glance.

This kind of content is perfect for charities and groups who want to fundraise or advocate for a cause.

Instagram grids are not just pretty pictures. You can be really bold, fun and expressive – and make your followers think. If you are a charity or community group, this is where your content is going to make the most impact. Contact me if you would like some bespoke illustrations and copy written for you.

Content for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, things can get busy for small to medium businesses.

If that’s you – or if you don’t have the energy or the inclination to come up with creative content – having someone take care of it for you could be the ideal gift to give yourself. You can just add the content  to your scheduler and spend your time doing something else. Like booking a holiday.

I make Christmas content that includes images and copy, and can come with hashtags and alt text – all pre-prepared like an M&S Christmas dinner.

The images here are not a grid. They are examples of the kind of Christmas /New year pics that might work for your business.

Christmas packages include:

Five images + copy + Hashtags + Alt Text :  £400
Three images + copy (without Hashtags & Alt Text) : £99
One off images & copy also available on request.


Like to know more?

“I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough. She helped me with two campaigns on Twitter (X) about environmental issues.

She knows how to craft tweets in a way that gets people interested rather than putting them off. She’s creative and methodical and she knows how to get the right audience on board.“

Sonia Rosenblatt – SEO expert and blogger