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If you’d rather hide under the floorboards than post on Linkedin, or you’re brimming with creative ideas but only post about your pooch, then you’re missing out on the job opportunities and connections  good social media can bring.

I’ll show you how to make your words work for you, creating more impact with less blather.

Squiggle Social:

I help you be bolder, funnier and more expressive

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Idea Pop

£80 per session

Instagram content 

  •  Fresh Ideas
  • Get clear about what works
  • Guidance from experienced content creator

Content Kick

 £300 per session

Instagram content coaching

  • Content coaching
  • Mini content guide
  • Telling your unique story in words & images


Strategy Zhoosh

£ 450 per session

Instagram strategy + content coaching

  • Audit
  • Content coaching + mini content plan
  • Telling your unique story- bio refresh
  • Teach you how to find your tribe & build your unique community of followers
  • Using analytics to find what works.


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Profile Pop

Linkedin service £99

  • What goes where in the profile section
  • Bio refresh
  • Follow up guide / video so you can remember what we said & process in peace

Content Kick

Linkedin service £300

  • What goes where in the profile section
  • Bio refresh
  • Content coaching + mini plan
  • Sharing your creative voice on a business platform
  • Template copy to use to connect

Strategy Zhoosh

Linkedin service £450

  • Audit
  • Bio refresh
  • Profile set up for you
  • Teach you how to find your tribe & community connections 
  • Content coaching & mini plan – sharing your creative self on a business platform
  • Creative Creds- no dreads.- adding your professional skills is scary. I understand. I’m going to help you get set up & sorted. 



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Power to the Pedal

Squiggle helped this Cargo Bike business organically grow a following of more than 4k on Instagram & Twitter.

See examples of the content created here.

‘I can highly recommend Squiggle and Andrea in particular. I found Andrea to be highly intelligent, creative, thoughtful and diligent. Her efforts have transformed our business and we’re hoping for a very long term partnership with Squiggle.’


– Allan Fowlie : Founder & Owner of Power to the Pedal

That’s all great.

But do I even need a social feed?

Let’s find out

Highlights from the Blog

Andrea’s professional advice was invaluable in helping me to improve the social media aspect of my business. She was friendly, knowledgeable and gave useful guidance via regular phone calls and Zoom meetings. I definitely recommend her services.

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