(This lovely illustration is courtesy of https://absurd.design/)

Do you grow out of Adhd?

When people ask this, what they really mean is : when are you going to grow up?
Clearly, the answer is : Never. I like roller skates, and discos and sandcastles, hope you do too.

Once upon a time, ADHD was spoken about, probably in hushed tones as a ‘childhood disorder’. I was described as naughty, which I was, perhaps I would have preferred to have been given the correct term instead.

In fact, the persistence rate for adhd is around 80%, so if you have adhd as a child, you are going to grow into an adult with adhd too.

Beyond that number, you have to consider the diverse communities who are not seeking diagnosis or are being overshadowed by other considerations : older women, prisoners, people with addictions. Could it be that 100% of kids with the condition, also become adults with adhd?

Deep down, there’s a weirdness to even asking the ‘do you grow out of it question’, a nagging, nasty implication that maybe,just maybe it’s a bit made up or that you’re much too OLD to bother with treatment, support and help. Can’t you just grow up a bit?

Keep on asking questions, building sandcastles and roller discoing, it’s good for the soul. Please don’t assume that behaviours you see in adults with ADHD are in anyway childish, we’re not making a deliberate choice or trying to be difficult.

An idea we can steal from the classroom, is that someone who is neurodivergent will need adjustments made at work in order to do well, to achieve and be effective in a team. Same idea applies at any age because ADHD is a life long condition. Growing out of rollerskates is optional.

I hope you found this useful. If you’d like a Power hour with me to discuss more ways I can help you, please just drop me a line.