Power to the Pedal

Cambridge, London and Independent Cargo Bike business

About the business

Cargo bikes are fast becoming a popular alternative to driving because they are an environmentally friendly solution for families, individuals and businesses. They are well known and widely used across Europe but Danish bikes from Winther are a fairly new introduction into the UK.

I worked with Power to the Pedal to grow awareness of Winther Bikes in the UK.

We wanted to reach a wider audience, who are the right demographic to be interested in buying a Cargo bike.

Part of my campaign on social media was to showcase how the bikes can be used and what the benefits are.

They are frequently used by families who want a way to get to school without driving everywhere.

But Cargo bikes also have many other uses : businesses; dog walkers wanting to reach great routes; and there is a growing trend for community groups to use an adapted Cargo bike for older citizens so they can experience ‘ the wind in their hair’.

At the start of the campaign we had a small following on Facebook. We decided to focus on Instagram and Twitter and grew a following of more than 4k by organic growth.

We were able to engage exactly the demographic we wanted to, which was important because bikes are something people take time to consider before buying. By directing people to the main website, people were able to book a test ride as part of the sales process.

I used a range of branded images made for Power to the Pedal, animated clips and videos across instagram and Twitter.

It was a positive, fun campaign which built a community of followers who shared the same values of encouraging people to cycle.

‘I can highly recommend Squiggle and Andrea in particular. I found Andrea to be highly intelligent, creative, thoughtful and diligent. Her efforts have transformed our business and we’re hoping for a very long term partnership with Squiggle.’

– Allan Fowlie : Founder & Owner of Power to the Pedal

More Testimonials

‘Andrea’s professional advice was invaluable in helping me to improve the social media aspect of my business. She was friendly, knowledgeable and gave useful guidance via regular phone calls and Zoom meetings. I definitely recommend her services.’

– Archaedium Medieval Music

‘I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough. She helped me with two campaigns on Twitter about environmental issues. She knows how to craft tweets in a way that gets people interested rather than putting them off. She’s creative and methodical and she knows how to get the right audience on board.’

– Sonia Rosenblatt : SEO expert and blogger