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Power Hour


A review of your current social media pages by a professional social media marketer. This audit will show you how to make more impact on social media : that’s why it’s an Opportunity Audit. It’s packed full of good advice and tips you can try out right away.

How much input do you need from me?

It could be as little as a 15 min free call or Whereby chat. I review your page sand send you your opportunity audit within 7 days.

I like to follow up afterwards to check that your are happy, again this may be as little as 15 minutes.

This is for you if you want to optimise your social media pages.

Currently £34.99 for Opportunity Audit, this price is due to increase in December. I currently have availability to audit your social media pages.

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Strategies for Social

Would you like to manage your own social feeds or perhaps you need a good foundation for a freelancer to work from? Either way, a strategy takes the guesswork out of social. As a Social Media Consultant I don’t begin work on social feeds unless a strategy is provided, it’s too risky!

My strategy for social is a written report and presentation for you to keep and refer back to. It can be used to plan out and manage your social feeds with confidence. Many small businesses prefer to stay in charge of their own social media marketing and this strategy provides an overview about which direction to take.

The strategy includes:

    • Audit
    • Content guide and two suggested grids
    • Engagement strategy
    • Blog ideas
    • Hashtag strategy
    • Straightforward guide to schedulers, apps & insight
    • Reference to other professionals who can help your business
Strategy is a good option for getting your social marketing off to a solid start or if you’ve run out of good ideas for your content. Ask me, I always have some ideas to share. This option saves your business both time and money because it takes the guesswork out of Social content.

A strategy will cost £400 and will include a follow up call to ensure you are able to implement the advice.

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Completely Individual Power Hour

Does your business use social media marketing? Or would you like to? Be honest, is there something you’d really like to know how to do but you’re not quite sure how it works – making Reels for instance.

This is a cost effective and quick option for individuals and small businesses.

These are examples of the kind of questions people like to focus on in these sessions:

  • Follow up on audit
  • Using Insights on platforms
  • Which scheduler & how to use it
  • Blog ideas
  • Bios
  • Setting up & optimizing a platform
  • How to run a competition
  • Setting up community policies

Power Hours are currently £99

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Nurture Package

When you begin to use social media marketing, there are so many things to take into consideration: are your platforms connected? Optimised? How do I find T&Cs for a competition?

If your business uses social media do you know how to confidently use the (many) new features which are regularly rolled out by the platforms? This is where it’s a good idea to talk to a social media consultant!

A Nurture Package is an in-depth look at your social feeds to either : set them up correctly or to get you managing them effectively.

This is a flexible package of three hours worth of training, across six weeks.This allows time to implement actions in between sessions.

Examples of Nurture Package sessions:

  • Follow up on issues identified in audit.
  • Direct teaching of how to use Canva / Scheduler / insights
  • Content plan for a month
  • Engagement plan
  • Community management troubleshoot
  • Confident copy for social
  • Finding professionals to outsource work to

Nurture packages are a low investment in terms of time because you can implement the action plans immediately, while you continue to run your day to day business. This isn’t a template; it’s a supportive package tailored to your business or community group needs.

Nurture package costs £240 (only £80 per session)

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Management & Content creation

Are you happy thinking up new content for your social pages every single day?

It’s a tricky and time consuming task : finding content, adding brand colours, making a video, posting five times a week and that’s before you’ve written a caption for each post.

I make content every day : I’m never short of ideas. How about I free up some time by making content you can use when you choose?

I offer a range of content creation choices for you to use as you wish :

  • Pocket Size – 9 pieces of content for your platforms
  • Building Bricks Size – 27 pieces of content with analytics
  • Parachute Size – full scale Management services

Option 1: Pocket Size

This option is good for people who want to save a little time – ideal when you’re planning a holiday or break from work. You can schedule it for every Friday if you like and go do something else.

This is for you if you just want to maintain a presence online. You may use the content as you need it.


30 mins Zoom + 9 pieces of content to use.

Content will be branded in your colours. You can ask me to make animated images, quote posts, picture posts, simple video, carousels or stories for instagram. Each image will have suggested captions you may use.

NOTE: This package does not include scheduling.

Cost £250

Option 2: Building Bricks Size

What if you’d like some content to be made for you for a longer period but don’t want to be tied into full scale Management?

This is for you if you have a big project you’re working on and still want to maintain posting on your social pages.


3 X 30 mins of Zoom calls to establish which content you’d like.

27 items of content as above + review of analytics

This is a tidy way to make use of Social Media management without being tied into a long term contract.

NOTE: This package does not include scheduling.


Cost £700 – this includes a £50 discount on a three month bundle

Option 3: Parachute Size

This is an entirely different kind of service, it is an ongoing consultation service where I take control of your social media pages so you don’t have to. This is done with your direction and approval, of course.

Parachute involves all of the elements of the other services and the additional services of scheduling, analytics and community management. I will set up, connect and optimize your social feeds.

This service is for you if you would rather outsource day to day management of your pages and get on with whatever it is that really inspires you.

Cost: bespoke

This is a good option for you if you want to see active growth on your pages or are launching a campaign.

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