I’m Andrea,

founder of


I’m here for you if your social pages are looking limp, your copy makes you cringe and you’d rather hide under the floorboards than find your inner creativity.

Or, if you’re incredibly creative, brimming with ideas, dynamic with words but haven’t managed to share your amazing ideas online. I can help with that. You might be starting to shy away from social media and find yourself eagerly awaiting the next General Election because at least you know when to post. Call me before that happens.

You’re not alone. Social media is a powerful tool for sharing your work, reaching an audience, and selling your services.

I work with clients who run ethical businesses. They sell unique products and are individuals driven to inspire others, they need content that’s bold, something people will stop scrolling to look at.

I work with creative businesses who want to effectively structure how they share content, ensuring that their time and hard work are not wasted.

We’re all unique. I also work with clients who just need content/copy made so they can concentrate on something else, like a holiday, for instance.

This is me: Bookworm, Teacher, organised creative, everyday cyclist (more biking to the bakery than long distance wearing lycra), AuAdhd. Loves all things Gothic, more at home in a gloomy, candle lit library than a crowded space.

I’m very happy to make adjustments for individual needs, neurodivergent folk are welcomed.

Book a free 15 call or message Andrea@squigglesocial.co.uk