Love a Body Lotion? Like a discount?

I’ve just been offered a 25% discount on Body Twattery with essence of ‘herbal’ something or other. I used my code to further my discount to 100% , by blocking & reporting the advert.

Yet again, I’m being followed round social by an advert targeting newly diagnosed Adhd people. This time it’s a hand / body lotion which will ‘reduce’ my adhd symptoms.

Let’s just suppose, in a parallel universe, the herbal, oil based lotion had any effect at all, other than annoying me, what should I do?

Will I apply it liberally all over, like a Turkey at Christmas? Drink it, bathe in it or roll in it?

Assuming I’ve applied it to the correct part of my anatomy, whatever that is, which miracle can I expect I’m coated in ‘Adhd helpful’ lotion:

~Sudden onset of ability to solve quadratic equations?

~Become the Queen of all admin & finance?

~ My feral children convert to quiet, well behaved types?

Who can possibly tell. It’s an absolute mystery how a Body lotion is going to ‘help’ with ADHD, a life long neurological difference.

The advert is both blocked and reported because it’s utter Bobbins. In fact a marketing policy based on people’s health,personal data and wellbeing is utterly unethical. It’s snake oil at best.

If you’d like to do something helpful, block & report the feckers.

I hope you found this useful. If you’d like a Power hour with me to discuss more ways I can help you, please just drop me a line.