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Andrea Constable | Social Media Consultant

Tell me how you feel about Social Media - you love it?

You feel overwhelmed by how much time it takes?

Or you're not comfortable but you'd like to know more?

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Being busy on social media is a good thing.

But it doesn't come without a huge serving of hard work or overwhelm. There are over 1 billion active users of Instagram & 500K of them are busy taking photos of their pizza.

That's where I come in. I'm a qualified Social Media Manager, I'm trained to run adverts for your company or cause and I'm keen to work with green and ethical business. Let me optimize your social while you get to spend time doing something you enjoy. I take great pictures of pizza.

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Help me, help you.

I do more than schedule Tweets and help people to find your websitebut I do those, too.

Need to make that video pop? Come up with a great social media campaign? Work out how to manage your own Social ? Big or small, I've done it all. Here are just some tasks and skills I can handle for you!

Need help with something that's not on this list? Just ask. I can probably do it, too.

  • Content creation
  • Video Pop for Social
  • Strategy
  • Social media management
  • FB/Insta/Twitter adverts
  • Business focus report
  • 1:1 training to manage own Social
  • Group Training
  • Content plan
  • Eco / Ethical Business focus hour

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"I can highly recommend Squiggle. Andrea's efforts have transformed our business ”

—Allan Fowlie, CEO of Power to the Pedal

Why Outsource Social?

A fair question. After all, we can all take pictures of pizza,right?

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? I can stop that. Let me post, tweet, gram,promote,build, run your adverts and report back to you.

I can train you to look after your own pages too

You can eat pizza instead.

Book a free business focus for social- especially useful for Green & Ethical business.

Tuition / campaign / management- which one works for you?


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100% awesome content guarantee

Love your social pages again- ask me for a free First Content plan

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